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Tower of Priest: photos, description (Pfaffenturm)

One of the interesting sights in Aachen - an ancient Tower of the Priest - was built in 1442-1456 years and was originally an important part of the city wall. Today it is one of the few monuments that survived in the most pristine form and allow you to estimate not only the power of the city's protective walls, but also some traditions in the architecture of those times. In the outer ring of the city wall of Aachen the tower was located near the so-called king's gate.

The tower represents a round building with a diameter of 9 meters. Immediately after construction it was used as a room for the city guard, where people could eat and rest, but, of course, its role in fortifications was also great. Interestingly, three-quarters of the circumference of the wall were outside of the city, and the tower itself was high enough for the buildings of that time: the height of 8.65 m and three floors covered with a conical roof, was impressive. The lower two floors were equipped with loopholes, there was room for crossbowmen, and removable hatches allow you to use almost any weapon of those times, if the city was in danger.

Not so long ago the tower was completely renovated, has acquired a new roof and modern plumbing. Today the building is used as classrooms, but nevertheless, almost all tourist routes Aachen is sure to include her as attractions that are worth a look.