/ / The Brandenburg Museum: photos, description (Maerkisches Museum)

The Brandenburg Museum: photos, description (Maerkisches Museum)

One of the famous museums - the Brandenburg Museum in Berlin dedicated to the history and development of the culture of the land of Berlin. The building is located in the area called Mitte, near the beautiful Park, on the banks of the river spree.

The Museum tells the history of the city and region. The first exhibition of this Museum was located in the so-called court of Podevils, and the Museum was named the provincial Berlin. At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1904, the chief architect of Berlin Ludwig Hofmann approved the project, which was built for the Museum. Interesting architecture includes signs of different eras, but the center of the composition there was a courtyard and the famous tower, is according to the historical data exact replica of Vitsebski tower of the Episcopal Palace. 50 different rooms included the exposure of different eras:.

Interesting was the fate of the Museum during the Second world war and after it. If in Nazi Germany, this Museum had the unenviable role of buyer-heritage of the Germans who had to leave Germany immediately after the war, he was on the territory of the GDR. This means that the Museum began to obey the building of socialism, and of the exhibition reflect the ideas of Marx and Engels. West Berlin also opened a branch of this Museum, which was used by the court building on Lindenstrasse.

Today the Brandenburg Museum is not only exposure, but also the Union of numerous Museum institutions. The Museum conducted research work, here are often held various scientific and educational activities. The building, which rises above the river, built in the traditional red color, it is very noticeable in the architectural appearance of the city.