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Upper Church: photo description (Obere Pfarre)

The upper Church, which is called parish Church of the mother of God, is within 600 metres from Old town hall on the hill Kaulberg in Bamberg. The first mention of the parish dates back to 1140 a year, but plans to build a temple here appeared only in the end of XIII century. The construction of the stone Church began in 1338 and was consecrated in 1387.

The bell tower of the Upper Church has long been used as a lookout tower. Given that the guard needed to sleep somewhere, between 1537 1538 on this tower was built a special house to live in. It was pretty much to stand out in their appearance from the General Gothic style. Despite this, the tower has become the landmark of Bamberg.

One of the memorable sights of Upper parish Church is "the Portal of the bride", which is a wedding gate, that they must be part of the bride. Before this gate was the place where the priest blessed the marriage. This portal is decorated with sculptures depicting the parables from the Bible about the ten virgins at the gates of Paradise. And in the Central part of the arch depicts the coronation of the virgin.

In the XVIII century the Church interior was restored in Baroque style, its columns adorned with figures of the apostles. In addition to the Central altar in the temple was built six additional altars, as the early Church took a rather large number of pilgrims. Next to communion you can see the Gothic image of Anna, the mother of the virgin Mary. Visitors can see in the side nave picture whose author is the Venetian artist Tintoretto depicts the ascension of Mary.

Currently, the Upper Church is the main Church of the Catholic community of the city.