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Villa Concordia: photos, description (Villa Concordia)

Bamberg is a wonderful city in Germany where you can go to tourist travel. Every tourist can find here the landmark which will not leave him indifferent. One of them can be called Villa Concordia, which is a true architectural monument. It was created through the efforts and the talented Johann Dientzenhofer.

Like many other buildings, the Villa has its own special story. Originally it was conceived as a castle to serve as spacious living quarters for the court Advisor named Ignaz Tobias Bettinger. For a long time after it was built in 1722 Villa Concordia has fulfilled its purpose, but after it became a place where concerts of classical music and exhibitions of masterpieces of art.

This majestic castle is located on the banks of the river Regnitz. Concordia is open for tourists a truly beautiful, magnificent and exquisite building made in the Baroque style. Wide stairs from the castle led their owners and guests through the gardens to the water's edge, where they would go Hiking in the fresh air, chat and enjoy the splendor of nature as well as boating.

Currently, Villa Concordia opened its doors to the International House of artists. Now working every day with talented scholars in the field of science and culture, music and literature. It is a place of real creativity, where there are special lectures, exhibitions, concerts and reading. Amazing Baroque castle is located in a very picturesque area of Bamberg. Every tourist may wish to visit the proposed public activities, but also take a boat ride on the river, Regnitz and enjoy the scenery as much as before did the owner of the castle.