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Villa Reverchon: photos, description (Villa Reverchon)

One of the most beautiful buildings in Trier - Villa Reverchon - is a striking and incredibly stylish specimen of Neoclassicism. Built on a high hill, it is clearly visible from different angles and attracts tourists. If you look back in history, then the building belongs to the very early 20th century. The start of construction is the year 1909, it is also known that the Villa was built in just three years, which at that time was quite significant result. A combination of sophisticated project and capabilities of the construction sector in that period of time was built the imposing building with an interesting architectural "face".

The first purpose of this sumptuous building was a private residence. It is clear that to order such a house could only very rich people, they were known in the city for the banker, Adrian Reverchon. Interestingly, the banker held a competition among architects who were ready to give him residence project, taking into account not only artistic but also other requirements.

Not to say that the building was not affected even during the Second world war and was used as the main office for the railroad. Saved was all the murals inside the walls, well-preserved pieces of furniture. Today Villa Reveron serves as a training room, here is one of the private schools. At the same time the building can accommodate up to 80 visitors. Traditionally Villa Reverchon is included in all guidebooks to Trier.