/ / Villa tubke: photos, description (Villa Tuebke)

Villa tubke: photos, description (Villa Tuebke)

Villa tube is a three-story building located in the heart of Golis Saxon city of Leipzig. From 1977 to 2004, there lived a famous East German artist Werner tubke.

District Golis joined the Leipzig only in 1890, and in 1903 there began a massive construction of luxury homes and villas. Tube Villa was built in 1905-1906 in the style of Jugendstil (German art Nouveau) and for 70 years has changed many owners, until finally it has not acquired himself a painter. He and his wife lived on the first floor and on the top housed his workshop.

In 1988, the Ministry of culture of the GDR, the Villa was enlarged and renovated, the work took about a year. Everything was done at the request of the artist. It was built on the attic is a new art workshop where tubke worked until his death in may 2004.

After his death the Villa was acquired by the gallery owner Karl Schwind and repaired it. Since 2006, here on the first floor is a second private gallery of its collections, while the first is located in Frankfurt am main, where the Schwind was born.

Widow tubke founded the Foundation named for her husband, functioning now on the second floor of the Villa. Frau tube also gave him about a hundred paintings, watercolors and drawings by Werner tubke. With the assistance of this charity on the top floor of the Villa continues to operate art workshop.

Also on the second floor now features paintings and sculptures from the private collection of the Frankfurt industrialist Fritz P. Mayer. Among the exhibits it is worth noting the work of the representatives of the so-called Leipzig school, worked in 1970-1980.