/ / Water cascade Paradise: photo description (Wasserkunstanlage Paradies)

Water cascade Paradise: photo description (Wasserkunstanlage Paradies)

Hydrotechnical construction, which is located in Baden-Baden, called the water cascade Paradise. Meter water the path goes down an artificial river, attracts tourists, and local citizens, so this place is never deserted, there will always be willing to appreciate the beauty of the views from the top platform of the structure.

The healing properties of the hot springs of Baden-Baden has been known since Ancient Rome. Throughout its history, the resort has attracted guests, so on its territory over time, there are luxury residences, museums, theaters, parks and such spectacular items as the water cascade Paradise. Park area, which is a water cascade, was planned in the early 20-ies of the last century. Perfection planning, symmetry, and the Islands of greenery are a decent arrangement of water cascade, and all together is a visual reminder of why this place is called "Paradise".

Baden-Baden is located on the hill, which enhances the impression of volume, but an integral part of this composition was the nature and water sources. The center of the city permeates a small river in a granite frame, and only the noise of the spouting fountain and water cascade break as usual for the city, silent and peaceful atmosphere.

The original cascades were used in Europe for watering gardens, and with the rise of landscape architecture, they became a mandatory item. Water cascade "Paradise" just became the embodiment of the strict canons of architecture, setting a slow and moderate tone throughout the town.