/ / The gate of St. Severin: photo description (Severinstorburg)

The gate of St. Severin: photo description (Severinstorburg)

The gate of St. Severin in the Middle ages was a part of the city wall. After they took the main road in a southerly direction leading to the beautiful city of Bonn.

The first mention of this building belong to the XIII century, in that period the gates got kind of quite massive and asymmetrical design, with a hexagonal tower, complemented by the scalloped top. This tower, standing on a rectangular base, forming a gate construction of the four floors. Decades later, the base was even finished two towers, but much smaller, in the XVII century was built a special tent roof.

The gate of St. Severin was considered a place where people met high-ranking personalities, who have arrived on a visit to Cologne. For example, in 1235 they met Princess Isabella of England, the wife of the future Frederick II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

These impressive gates has long been one of the main entrances to the city, they managed to maintain their original appearance despite the passing of centuries. The gate of St. Severin represent the greatness of the defensive system of Cologne, which was peculiar to him, starting from the XIII century. Their shape was unusual for its time, but the Majesty and massiveness of the constructions can not leave indifferent any tourist.

Near the gate in 2005 was discovered the Bastion of St. Severin, the history of which dates back to 1474. But we know this place was much later, when construction began on one of the subway lines in the city. In 1881, at the gate opened the Museum of natural history (later renamed the Museum of hygiene. In 1979, there is a community center offering their premises for private events.