/ / The water tower Belvedere: photo description (Wasserturm Belvedere)

The water tower Belvedere: photo description (Wasserturm Belvedere)

The water tower Belvedere is included in the list of attractions in Aachen as a monument, which embodies a typical construction technologies, the inherent period of the 50-ies of the 20th century, since 1990. Belvedere tower is 35 meters in height and 21 metres in diameter, to reach the top of a tower as possible using the Elevator, and by foot, climbing the 173 steps.

This monument has an interesting history, as its purpose had already several times changed in a relatively short period of existence of the tower. It was originally built in 1956 by architect William Fisher hill Lousberg to ensure the residential quarters of the Western part of the Aachen water. But since 1970, the tower has become very popular thanks to a rotating restaurant on the fourth floor of the tower, which had the same output on the external platform. The lower floors of the tower were put up for offices. In 1988, the function of the city's water supply was completely stopped.

In 1990 the restaurant on a rotating platform of the tower was closed and 15 years later, after repairs and sanitation works in the tower, in 2005 was opened a cafe "Drehcafé" (literally - "spinning cafe"). But it was closed in 2011. In October 2011 the tower was bought by German entrepreneurs Manred dick and Carlo Blatz that had the office of his media Agency in the building of the tower. In 2012, they re-opened in the Belvedere tower restaurant along with a beer and an outdoor terrace.