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Kunsthalle Baden-Baden: photo, description, (Kunsthalle Baden-Baden)

Kunsthalle Baden-Baden is the oldest cultural institution of the city and the region. Since its opening in 1909, it is a space for the placement of works of independent artists as of classic art and modern. Freedom in the development of the program - the main feature of the Exhibition hall, allowing this cultural institution to respond flexibly to trends. Traditionally, the year it hosts four exhibitions devoted to individual artists, in addition, the exposition, which displays historical or current issues of art and culture.

The art Nouveau building is the work of architect Hermann Billing, which chose the asymmetrical shape for your project. He also completed the facade by pilasters with ionic capitals, triangular pediments and ornaments of antiquity. The rigor and minimalism of the building of the Exhibition hall are now considered normal and familiar, and a century ago, the architect's work was severely criticized. The rejection of decorations associated with poverty, so there were few visitors.

The first floor of the building - a place for exhibitions, and going down into the basement stairs you can get to the Art hall, café and administrative offices. In 2004 the building of the Exhibition hall, an extension was made in the form of a glass bridge connecting it with the Museum Frieder Burda.