/ / Gallery of modern art, (Galerie fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst)

Gallery of modern art, (Galerie fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst)

Contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Musikpiraten (Music quarter) in the Saxon town of Leipzig. In the second half of the nineteenth century, this quarter became a place of mass building of luxury homes and villas.

The gallery is located in a former Villa in Herpurse made in 1892-1894 Grabar years in style of the gründerzeit (eclectic). For a long time there was a spiritual and cultural center of the city, meetings of writers and artists. Among the guests of this house it is worth noting the well-known German impressionist max Liebermann. In 1912, the Villa became the publisher of the local newspaper, and in 1945 the building was converted into a medical center at the University of Leipzig. In 1990 worked as a music school, and in 1995 the Villa was purchased recently founded gallery of modern art conducted a large-scale restoration work. In 1999, for completed work, the gallery was awarded the municipal award.

The building of the gallery consists of three floors and resembles the typical villas of Northern Italy. The Northern facade is particularly elegant: with porticos, columns and a large balcony, decorated with bas-relief picture.

In 2004, the gallery space was expanded - was attached to a one-storey building, where now, in addition to the exhibition halls, including the famous Museum café bau bau. A year later, this architectural structure was also awarded the municipal award.

Now the gallery displays the works of artists, sculptors and photographers since 1945. Presented installations of various materials, work, art and media libraries. The work involved, and private collectors. Held in the Museum and temporary exhibitions on the role of art and aesthetics in society, the legacy of the GDR and the arts South-East Europe.

The activities of the Museum supported by the Federal state of Saxony, city of Leipzig and partner organizations. Gallery provides grants to young artists and other figures in the arts.