/ / Hamburg zoo: photo description (Tierpark Hagenbeck)

Hamburg zoo: photo description (Tierpark Hagenbeck)

Hamburg zoo, which bears the name Hagenbeck is a unique and distinctive place in the city. This is one of the largest zoos in the state, the beginning of its existence was laid by Gottfried Carl Hagenbeck, a fishmonger in Hamburg. In 1848 he was able to significantly expand the selling range of species of sea animals, and in 1866, this idea was continued by his son Carl, who had developed this business to very large sizes.

At the beginning of the life of the project several times a year on the African continent went the expedition, were selected specifically exotic animals for zoos. Thanks to the works of Karl many Pets fell in a princely or Royal menageries. As a result of its activities in 1907, Hagenbeck formed a large zoo, which was open to all comers. It was a wonderful place for a holiday where you get to see a variety of animals that are not in cramped cages, and in fairly spacious aviaries, where they had greater freedom of movement.

At the entrance to the Hamburg zoo, the sculptures are depicting two people of non-European type, surrounded by animals. It is worth noting that during the life of Carl Hagenbeck in this amazing place visitors could see not only representatives of the animal world, but also exotic people, which enjoyed even greater popularity.

Today the zoo is about 25 hectares, where there are beautiful trees, ponds and rocks. 7 kilometers of trails make it a wonderful place for Hiking, in which you can go as a family and alone, to have a great time.

Here are over 500 different species of animals which you can feed when you also purchase a special food at the entrance to the zoo. Some of the animals are trained.