/ / Operettenhaus Hamburg: photo description (Hamburgische Staatsoper)

Operettenhaus Hamburg: photo description (Hamburgische Staatsoper)

History of the Hamburg Opera house began in the seventeenth century, making it the oldest in the city. For a long time, this theater was unlike any other such scenes due to his independent views and quite a fresh approach to art. Because of these qualities, the numerous public and fell in love with the Hamburg Opera.

Today is a wonderful attraction, where are the talented celebrities and performers. The ballet troupe is famous not only in the German state, but also far beyond its borders. Over time this temple of art was able to maintain their own traditions and culture and customs, making it a truly unusual and unique.

The first production on this stage was presented to the audience in 1678, her Director was Johann Tayle, who later wrote a large number of works embodied in reality thanks to the talented team of the Hamburg Opera. Ideas for performances has always been independent and totally unrelated to the court orders, all the pieces had their own unique direction. In the XVII century ideas productions often been associated with biblical events and characters, then the audience was presented plays on historical and mythological themes. Domestic reasons, began to appear in the Opera only from the beginning of the XIX century.

The Hamburg Opera house in 1827, was built in the classical style, it was the amazing beauty of the building, above the main entrance which was located columns done in the Roman style. Decorative details and moldings gave the refinement of the structure, but during the war it was considerably damaged. Its reconstruction was completed in 1955, the building acquired its modern shape with the additions of minimalism in the exterior.