/ / The Hanseatic Supreme land court of Hamburg: photo description (Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht)

The Hanseatic Supreme land court of Hamburg: photo description (Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht)

The Supreme court building of the city of Hamburg is located on the area of Sievekingia in the area Neustadt (New town) is the centre court complex. Square, on which stand all the buildings, named after the first President of the Supreme court - Ernst Friedrich Sieveking.

The building itself was built in 1907-1912 in the Hamburg architects Landcom and Kallmorgen. Originally it served as a Supreme court building for all three Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Bremen and lübeck. In 1937, lübeck lost its independence and became part of Schleswig-Holstein, and 10 years later in Bremen was built of its own Supreme court. The official name of the Hamburg court and now it sounds the same as in the times of the Hanseatic Supreme land court. There is also seat of the constitutional court of Hamburg.

The main facade of the building is decorated with short Latin words inscribed on the frieze: "ius est ars boni et aequi" ("law is the art of goodness and justice"), over it, on the pediment stands a statue of the goddess of Justice, and on its sides are located the sphinxes - symbols of justice.

The courthouse is crowned with a dome, amounting to 52 meters in height. Among internal premises the most ornate conference room and a library.
To the left of the front door you will notice a small memorial plaque dedicated to the victims of the fascist regime. And opposite the entrance is another memorial monument, completed in 1997, Gloria Freedman. It is a gray concrete wall engraved with the date 1933 and surpassing her in size color panorama of the city of Hamburg. All of this surrounds an interesting installation - spaced about 90 chairs, from which grow all kinds of plants - medicinal and poisonous, roses and thorny shrubs, which symbolizes ethnic, social and cultural diversity of all humankind. The memorial is called "Hier und jetzt" ("Here and now"). As part of the Park in front of this building also includes two sculptural group, made in 1912. Previously, they were part of the fountain, which was demolished in 1963.

In the judicial complex of the city of Hamburg also includes the nearby building criminal and civil court, which is now headquarters of the district and land court.

The criminal courts building is reminiscent of a spacious Renaissance Palace was built in three stages from 1879 to 1914. The building of the civil court was built in 1898-1903. Particularly interesting are his facade with bronze sculptures by famous local attorneys and lawyers. In the years 1927-1930 was completed another room topped by a glass roof, which is a three-storey hall with galleries and stairs of reinforced concrete. In the center of the room is the porcelain fountain of 5 m in height.

All three buildings are architectural monuments and protected by law.