/ / Heidelberg castle: photos, description (Heidelberger Schloss)

Heidelberg castle: photos, description (Heidelberger Schloss)

Overlooking the city and river, the majestic Heidelberg castle of Wittelsbach pfaltzgraff is a complex of buildings, mostly Renaissance and early Baroque (XIV-XVII century). In the eighteenth century as a result of the arson of the castle burned and was not rebuilt, the dynasty lost its influence, the impoverished and the castle was abandoned. Only in the XIX century the urban authorities began to take measures to preserve and restore parts of it.

In the middle of the sixteenth century, the elector Otto-Heinrich built himself a Palace here, and the height of floors of this building were different. On the first floor housed the festive hall. Now this building is the German Pharmacy Museum.

The Palace of Frederick is one of the youngest parts of the castle, dates from the early seventeenth century. The Palace is decorated with statues of members of the family of Wittelsbach, including the Emperor Charlemagne. And the oldest part of the castle, and Ruprechtia tower Pulverturm date back to the XIV century.

Every summer in the castle and the castle Park is a theater and music festival. Amid the most romantic scenery play classic and modern plays, operas, musicals. In addition, the castle houses a restaurant, exhibition hall, Museum Directorate and the Foundation of friends of the castle. Thus, the lock lives on...