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Gate theater Aachen: photo description (from here)

Gate MARSCHIERTOR (translated from German - "Main gate") located in Aachen and consisted of two round four-storied towers, which are United by a common five-story building with arched gates. Gate MARSCHIERTOR - second after the gate Ponttor, preserved from the old city walls of Aachen. The construction of the gate was begun in 1257, the exact completion date is unknown. At the gate Ponttor, Cologne gate and the gate of Jacob, the MARSCHIERTOR was the main gate of the defensive ring of the city walls, built in the XIV-XV centuries.

Gates have a width of 23.8 meters, the height of the arch of the South side of the gate is 13 meters, and the North - 8,5 meters, the total height of the gate with a spire of 48.9 metres. Spiral stairs of each tower lead to the Armory hall, which is located in the Central building. On the ground floor were rooms for guards and prison cells.

At different time gates MARSCHIERTOR and adjacent rooms were used in different ways. Originally it housed the city's garrison and behind the gate was a parade ground: in memory of that time on the territory of the gate was a monument in the form of a sculpture of a soldier in bronze. During its history the tower has repeatedly saved the city during the siege. During the war it housed the occupation troops, in the later period room of the tower was used as a rooming house, a tourist base hostel and the Hitler youth. Now there is the headquarters of the "Aachen Carnival society", as well as a wine cellar and archive room.