/ / Goliszewski lock: photos, description (Gohliser Schloesschen bad Wildungen)

Goliszewski lock: photos, description (Gohliser Schloesschen bad Wildungen)

In the Northern district of Leipzig in Valisere is Goliszewski castle, which in the 50-ies of the XVIII century was built by Zeltendorfer for the Chancellor C. Richter. This is truly a luxurious mansion is a classic example of the summer residence could have one of the most wealthy Germans of that time.

Goliszewski castle is a magnificent structure, designed in the Rococo style. It is covered with small red tiles, which gives extra grandeur to the Palace. Spectacular luxurious castle, began its existence some centuries ago, and currently continues to delight visitors and tourists.

As outdoor decorations Galizische of the Palace was chosen majestic tower height of 36 meters. Inside the main hall on the ceiling you can admire a fresco of the "life of the soul", which impresses with its beauty and size. As the Creator of this masterpiece was made by Adam Lakes, whose paintings in the Baroque style can be seen throughout the structure.

This magnificent ancient castle is a particular attraction of Leipzig, where, carefully tended. As a result of restoration that was carried out with special care, wanting to keep all the noteworthy items of the past, not only managed to restore the exterior and interior of the Palace, but they also add a very important part. Today Goliszewski castle ready to welcome visitors at various chamber concerts and evenings of readings and dance performances. Here with touring performances each year attracts the stars of the music world. Amazing acoustics was the fact that the Palace uses for concerts of Symphony orchestras.