/ / City Evangelical Church: photo description (Evangelische Stadtkirche of Bad Wildungen)

City Evangelical Church: photo description (Evangelische Stadtkirche of Bad Wildungen)

The construction of the town Church in bad Wildungen (Federal state of Hesse) started in 1300. The main altar was erected in 1306, and by the second half of the XIV century, completed the interior of the Church. The bell tower was crowned with a high spire, and completed in 1489. It became a real symbol of the city. The Church is protected by the wall, and was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra. After the reformation the Church became Protestant. In 1809-1811 was rebuilt, the dome of the bell tower, added lantern.

The Church is an elongated building with a large side aisle and a gable roof, supported by columns. To the South of the choir is a small triangular chapel, now converted into a sacristy. There is also a statue of the grieving Christ, made of red Sandstone in the early fifteenth century. Before the building of sacristy was located to the North of the choir. In the southern side nave of the Church is the font 1350.

City Church is famous for its Wildungen the altar, completed in 1404, in 1414 - the date was lost in a fire. The author of the work is Conrad von Soest, Westphalia famous artist, representative of late Gothic. The altar itself is a masterpiece of carved wooden art on a par with the altar of the chapel in the Marienkirche in Dortmund by the same craftsman.

The product is rich and bright colors - most common are red, gold and green, and ultramarine. In the centre is the Crucifixion, and on the sides of 12 small paintings with scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. On the back of the altar is represented by various saints. Paintings done in a style reminiscent of French portrait miniature 1400.

Willenhance the altar is unique for some reason - first of all, this is the first altar to the North of the Alps, which has preserved the signature of the author. Second interesting detail - one of the apostles depicted with a book and glasses, and it is the oldest image points to the North of the Alps.

Church in bad Wildungen is the burial place of the dynasty of the counts of Waldeck-Wildungen. The body of the Church is modern and was installed in 1982.