/ / City Museum Baden-Baden: photo description (Stadtmuseum Baden-Baden)

City Museum Baden-Baden: photo description (Stadtmuseum Baden-Baden)

City Museum Baden-Baden, which was founded in 1892, is situated on the lichtenthaler Allee not far from the Museum Frieder Burda. The permanent exhibition offers a glimpse into two thousand years of city history from Roman origins to the present. The Museum's collection is presented in several halls on two floors of the building.

In special pavilions houses a collection of Bohemian glass, historic toys, you can explore antique coins and medals. A huge collection of sculptures, ranging from ancient times to the works of modern sculptors, exhibited in the newly built glass pavilion.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum presented the collection depicting various periods of the history and development of Baden-Baden. Special attention is given to exhibits and exhibitions, which illustrate the development of the city as a popular international resort. This items covering the history of the development of mineral springs, for example, exhibits of times of occurrence of the term. Most fully presents the history of the 19th century, a period of dawn and fame of a health resort.

Six days a week there are informative excursions. You can listen to about celebrities who have visited Baden - Baden or have lived here a long time. In addition to historical facts, guides will tell many legends and stories that reveal the secrets of the city. Lovers of ancient manuscripts will be able to see the Museum's archives.