/ / The city Museum of Cologne: photo description (Koelnisches Stadtmuseum)

The city Museum of Cologne: photo description (Koelnisches Stadtmuseum)

The city Museum of Cologne belongs to those landmarks that are worth a visit for any tourist truly interested in the history of such a beautiful and majestic city. The Museum is located in the Old part of the city, namely in Arsenal. You cannot miss it as the building differs from other buildings with its distinctive red shutters white.

Here, one can learn about how the city was developed, as was the fate of people who lived in Cologne since the middle ages to modern. For special gourmets and connoisseurs of art exhibition the exhibition may not seem too refined, as in some prestigious galleries in the City Museum there are many interesting things that will allow you to fully experience the history of Cologne.

Among the exhibits is the collection of vintage silver, and the bas-relief height of 6 metres, depicting the ancient city. It was found during a modern archaeological excavation, and it now complements the Museum exhibits. Special attention should be paid to the sculpture of the Cologne farmer. It was made specifically in order to perpetuate the memory of those soldiers who fell in the battles of the First world war. Looking at the statue, you can see that it is completely covered with nails that have symbolic value. Every nail was hammered by the inhabitants of Cologne and designated family member, who did not return from the battlefield.

The exposition of the first floor of the City Museum talks about political events, if you go up to the second, it is possible to get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of the region. For history lovers, is an interesting exposition telling about the mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer who, after the Second world war, became Chancellor of Germany and helped their country's economy not just to recover, but also much stronger.