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The Abbey of St. Augustine

St Augustine's Abbey - Benedictine Abbey in Canterbury (Kent). William Thorne the chronicler of the Abbey, who lived in the late XIV century - indicates that it was founded in the year 598. The founder of the Abbey of Saint Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, in whose honor it was subsequently named. Since its inception, the Abbey served as the burial place of the archbishops of Canterbury and kings of Kent. Many of the burials have been preserved to our days and attract many tourists.

At the end of the tenth century Archbishop Dunstan, rebuilding the Abbey again, and the original Anglo-Saxon buildings were completely replaced by the majestic buildings in the Romanesque style. In the XIII - XIV century added many Gothic buildings.

Like many like him, the Abbey of St. Augustine throughout its history was the center of education. Here was founded the oldest, according to some sources, the Royal School and the Abbey library consisted of 2000 volumes was unimaginable at the time figure! Many books have been created by the scribes of the Abbey.

But during the reformation the Abbey was dissolved by the order of king Henry VIII and rebuilt into a Palace of Queen Anne of Cleves. Gradually, buildings were demolished and only in the XIX century began to be some efforts for its conservation and restoration.

Nowadays, the Abbey of St. Augustine included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Annually it is visited by thousands of tourists.