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Aquarium Sea life

Aquarium Sea life is impossible not to visit - he is located in the heart of the city, tourists are always around him. Opposite big Ben, next to the "Eye of London" and the gallery "Tate Modern".

And the building itself, which houses the aquarium, attracts attention. In a huge six-storey building on the South Bank of the Thames housed the greater London Council. The building in the Edwardian Baroque style, designed by Ralph Knott, was built in 1922. Now it fits not only the aquarium, which occupies three floors, but also hotels, shops and restaurants.

Sea life is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Two million litres of water per fifty tanks contain about three thousand species of marine animals and plants. Fourteen zones, which are separated by the aquarium, are inhabitants of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, coral reefs, rivers and lakes. Large reservoir models the underwater life of the river Thames. Of course, visitors are always favorites among animal - here it's the penguins, sharks and stingrays.

A colony of gentoo penguins (Gent) has always attracted the attention of adults and children. The djent - the fastest of waterfowl, penguins, and the third largest after the Imperial and Royal. Here, in the aquarium, they're cute, like all penguins walking around ice hummocks, collapsing into the water and rapidly moved there (well seen as they swim under water).

"Shark walk" allows visitors standing on a transparent platform, consider predators right under your feet. Children almost lie on the glass floor, looking fascinated as slide sixteen sharks (including tiger, brown, and black). For a fee, the aquarium offers to the most daring viewers to be under water with the sharks - with mask, snorkel and under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Less extreme fun can be obtained from the outdoor pool with the stingrays - they are allowed to stroke, the children love it.

The other inhabitants of the aquarium, too, undoubtedly, deserve the attention of Cuban crocodiles (the most intelligent and aggressive of the crocodiles), green sea turtles, piranhas, seahorses, jellyfish, squid, octopus. Verify with your schedule, you can watch the divers feed the Pets, is a spectacular sight, it always attracts many spectators.