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Albert hall

Albert hall (fully - the London Royal hall of arts and Sciences albert) is located in South Kensington. In the Victorian era then focused museums, galleries, exhibitions - this process is important to British culture, is associated with the name of the spouse of Queen Victoria.

The Prince consort albert was not only a loving husband but an outstanding statesman, encourage the culture, education, social development. He became the driving force behind the first world exhibition held in London in 1851. The success of the exhibition prompted albert to the idea to turn Kensington into a Museum and exhibition town. On his initiative, here is the Royal geographical society, prepared for the second world exhibition.

In 1861, forty-two albert suddenly died of typhoid. Having decided to build the Royal albert hall in Kensington, near the albert memorial, the Queen has immortalized the memory of the dearly beloved husband. The building project was developed by engineers captain Francis Fok and major-General Henry Scott.

The architects were influenced by the ideas of ancient amphitheater: they designed a huge building of elliptical form of terracotta bricks. Hall covered with a glass dome on the steel trusses. Did the dome in Manchester, then the metallurgical centre of British design in the disassembled view taken on horseback to London. When it's time build, there are only volunteers: many feared to be unreliable in view of the structure will fall. But the farm just caved in on five sixteenth of an inch and since then stand determined.

29 March 1871 Queen Victoria officially opened the Royal albert hall. Due to the rush of emotions she was unable to speak, and Prince Edward (heir to the throne) saved the situation, saying: "Queen announces hall open."

Albert hall struck the imagination of contemporaries, hall of 8000 seats, hydraulic lifts, the largest in Britain on ten thousand chimneys, most modern firefighting system. Was there, however, and disadvantages. The architecture of the building sparked a debate in 1870, one critic described her as "a monstrous cross between the Colosseum and Yorkshire pudding". In addition, the acoustics calculations contained errors: each note sounded twice. To correct this deficiency was only in 1969.

Now the Royal albert hall is one of the recognized leaders in the world of classical music festivals. It featured legendary rock group "the Beatles", "rolling stones", "led Zeppelin". In the albert hall held the awards ceremony, are operas and ballets here, Rowling read a Chapter from "Harry Potter" on live television, watched by 28 million people.