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Bath Abbey

Abbey Church of saints Peter and Paul in bath, known as Bath Abbey - a magnificent Gothic temple, a masterpiece of perpendicular Gothic, one of the largest Gothic churches in the West of Britain.

There are legends that the Church was founded by the Holy David, but most historians are inclined to think that the founder should be regarded as Osaka king, ruler of the Kingdom of Hwicce that in the year 675 granted the abbess Berta a large plot of land near Bath for the device there is a women's monastery. The monastery was later converted into a male. King Offa of Mercia built a "wondrous beauty" of the Church on the site of a former pagan temple, but significantly about this building is not known. Edgar the Peaceful, king of England was crowned in Bascom Abbey together with his wife Alfredo - and this is the first occasion of the coronation of the Queen of England. When Edgar in bath Abbey, becoming a Benedictine.

In 1090 an Episcopal see was moved to bath, and the Church. Peter becomes a Cathedral. In this regard, the construction of a new large Cathedral of Peter and Paul, but construction is delayed and is completed only to the year 1156. The longstanding rivalry between Bath and the nearby wells ends with the fact that the Episcopal chair transferred to wells. The Cathedral in bath destroyed and is in ruins, the humble Abbey is not enough to support such a large Church. In the year 1500 begins the construction of a relatively small Church in the perpendicular Gothic style, and it ends several years before the Church reforms of George V. In later years, the Church destroyed, and the reconstruction starts only on the orders of Elizabeth I, who ordered to establish a national Fund for the rebuilding of the temple.

In the late nineteenth century George Gilbert Scott produces the restoration of the Cathedral and completes the fan set in accordance with the original plan. Restoration works in the XX and XXI century includes in particular a complete cleaning of the buildings and repair the old organ.