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The Spinnaker Tower

The Spinnaker tower is a 170 - metre tower in Portsmouth harbour, one of the main attractions of the city. Residents of many of the submitted projects chose this tower in the form of a sail, reminding that the history of Portsmouth is the history of seafaring and shipbuilding. Tower project was developed in 1995, and the draft tower called the Millennium Tower, but due to funding delays, etc. was built only in 2005. Then it got its name - Spinnaker (eng. Spinnaker is a view of a triangular sail).

The height of the tower 170 meters in two and a half times higher than Nelson's column in Trafalgar square. This is the tallest building outside of London, where you can climb. The tower is a wonderful landmark and is visible far outside Portsmouth, it is visible even from the Isle of Wight. Two curved steel arches give the tower a resemblance to a sail, and the top is equipped with a triple observation deck. From there a panoramic view of Portsmouth and the surrounding area on 320о and at a distance of 37 km, the Upper observation deck, the so-called "crow's nest" is closed with a steel mesh roof. Pad is glazed, the floor is also glass is the largest glass floor in Europe.

Since its opening, the tower attracts many visitors - contrary to expectations and despite the fact that still only works indoor Elevator. The tower was planned external glass Elevator - but still can't bring it into working condition. In the day of the inauguration of the tower, the incident happened in the outside the Elevator main project Manager together with the management of the construction company and the manufacturer of the lift. Had to call for help of industrial climbers. Many thought this incident is very symbolic.