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Belgravia is a district of London, lying in Westminster. Belgravia is known primarily immensely expensive property, attracting Arab sheikhs, pop stars, businessmen and Russian oligarchs.

The land in this area near Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, has long belonged to one of the richest men in England, Richard Grosvenor, second Marquis of Westminster. The Marquis was a politician, landowner and famous, as we would say today, developer. In Parliament he represented South Cheshire, where his estate of Eaton hall. Near the house lay the village of Belgrave is the name of the Marquis and gave the whole area of London when in the early nineteenth century has entrusted his development to the Builder, Thomas Cubicto.

The son of a carpenter, everything in life achieved solely by talent and perseverance, Cubitt built a whole array of magnificent buildings around Belgrave square. Today it is the centre of Belgravia, which sets the style of the whole quarter. Cubitt built elegant white houses with terraces and magnificent mansions, designed by the fashionable architect: Philip Hardwick, by sir Robert Smykom. The district gained fame luxury real estate is bought up by the aristocracy. Belgravia has also become a favorite location of foreign embassies.

After the Second world war the area lost its aristocratic face in post-war Britain, the nobility had taken a more humble place. But the attractiveness of Belgravia is not affected in the slightest degree: the area remained expensive and fashionable, it reached the super-rich, there is a headquarters of the largest companies and funds.

In Belgravia there are such architectural masterpieces as the Anglican St. Peter's Church in Eaton square (the architect Henry Hawkbill), a residential complex on the street in the form of a Crescent Wilton Crescent (the architect William Howard Seth-Smith), residence, Londis, which in 2008 bought two houses Roman Abramovich. At the time, in Belgravia dwelt Margaret Thatcher, the author of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, the poet Alfred Tennyson, the last Viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten.

Although Belgravia is located in the heart of London, it is very different from the rest of the town slower pace of life, tranquility, silence. Belgrave square is decorated with statues of the great: here are the bronze Christopher Columbus, Simon Bolivar, Prince Henry the Navigator. In shops and restaurants here will not see mere mortals. Another would be: for example, the house at 6 Belgrave square owned by Oleg Deripaska - it is possible, and it can be found in any local pub.