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Library John Rylands

Library John Rylands is located in Manchester city centre in a beautiful building of Gothic style. The library was opened in 1900 by Mrs. Aniceto Augustine, Rylands in memory of her late husband. Her husband John, Rylands was a famous British entrepreneur and philanthropist, owner of the largest in the United Kingdom textile group and the first in Manchester a multimillionaire.

The building was built by the architect Basil Tennisa. As it was assumed that the library will specialize in theological literature, the building resembles a Gothic Church. Manchester at that time was a large industrial city suffering from the smog, smoke and air pollution. To protect the books from harmful substances in the building were arranged in a very sophisticated ventilation system with water filters and electric fans, which at that time was cutting-edge solution. Covered the library is not gas lamps, and electric, because they do not pollute the air, give more light and safer.

The collection of 40,000 volumes collected by George John Spencer and bought from him. Here are stored the rarest of the book: the first printed Gutenberg Bible, a fragment of the earliest extant New Testament, a collection of papyri, apocryphal gospel of Mary and many others.

In 1972, a merger of the libraries of John Rylands and the library of the University of Manchester.