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Agnontas is a small resort town on the southern coast of one of the greenest Greek Islands of Skopelos. It is located in the picturesque, cozy Bay about 7-8 km from the island's capital and has its own port.

According to local legend, the name of the port was in honor of a native of Skopelos - Agnontas, who in 569 BC, the Olympic champion. The ship, which triumphantly returned to his native land champion, sailed into the Harbor of Agnontas modern therefore, subsequently, this place got its name.

Over the last decades from a small fishing village of Agnontas has become a very popular resort with well-developed tourist infrastructure. Today Agnontas is a charming surrounded by white houses with red-tiled roofs, picturesque promenade with swaying on the waves fishing boats and boats, and of course, a lot of cosy restaurants, taverns and cafes where you can relax and enjoy traditional local cuisine. Magnificent pebble beach of Agnontas is considered one of the best on the island.

The stunning beauty of the landscapes of Agnontas and its surroundings are ideal for lovers of long walks. You can also rent a boat and take a fascinating boat trip along the coast of Skopelos.

Today Agnontas is an alternative harbour for ferries and passenger ships (in case of closure of the main port of the island in Skopelos due to bad weather conditions). Agnontas is also an important transport hub of the island and has bus links to almost all the villages of Skopelos.