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Agiasos is a small cute town in the southeastern part of the legendary Greek island of Lesbos. The settlement is conveniently located on the picturesque slopes of mount Olympos, just 26 km from the island's capital of mytilini and is an important cultural and religious center of the island.

Agiasos - authentic Greek village with traditional architecture, narrow cobbled streets, ancient churches with elegant bell towers and a special unique flavor. The rich history of this old city, where ancient traditions were for centuries handed down from generation to generation, gorgeous natural landscapes, plenty of attractions and the atmosphere of genuine cordiality and hospitality of the locals attract annually many tourists. Agiasos is famous for skilled craftsmen in pottery and wood carving has long been known far beyond Greece. Buy original Handicrafts of local craftsmen, and today you can in the stores and souvenir shops of Iasos.

Definitely worth a visit the Church of our lady of Freakytona around which actually once increased settlement. A three-aisled Basilica with a magnificent collection of ancient icons, among which a unique miraculous icon of the virgin of Freakytona (4th century), located in the heart of Iasos and is one of its main attractions. Among the temples of Iasos it is also worth noting the Church of the Holy Trinity and the chapel of the Holy Apostles and of zoodochos Pigi.

To get acquainted with history of culture of Iasos you can visit the interesting folk art Museum, the exhibition where you can see traditional costumes, textiles, embroidery, jewelry, old coins and much more. No less interesting Ecclesiastical Museum with a very extensive collection of religious artefacts.

Individual attention and beautiful surroundings of Iasos. Lovers of long walks is to climb on a pine-covered peak of Kasteli. Apart from the fantastic scenery along the road you will see two charming little churches and ruins of medieval fortifications. You can also take a stroll or concealed in the shade of the perennial plane trees, the reservoir Carini, extant since Roman era.

After walking around the city and its surroundings, you can relax and enjoy traditional local cuisine at one of the cozy cafes on the Market square in Iasos.