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Water Park "Water City"

Water Park "Water City" is located a few kilometers from the coastal village Hani-Kokini. "Water city" — the largest and most interesting Park, which attracts not only children but also adults. The management of the Park provides family Plevrakis. The water Park includes 13 swimming pools (including children with Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, artificial waves), 2 falls, 23 water slides, 1 glider, mountain cascade, etc. it is Better to start with the most simple and least dangerous rides gradually increasing the degree of risk. The most unpredictable rides are perhaps the "red" and "black" holes: a person in a special vest down from a great height inside a winding tube. Also interesting is "crazy" and "lazy" river: first you find yourself in a whirl of currents, the second — the strong current carries you forward. In fact, you can fully surrender to the excitement and adventure, forgetting about caution: the water Park employs 35 experienced coaches-lifeguards watching every attraction, as well as doctors.

For parents provided by rest areas with sun loungers, bar and cafes with terraces. They can dine or drink a glass of wine. In the water Park are organized theatrical performances and barbecue evenings.