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The Aquaworld Aquarium

The Aquaworld aquarium (full name - the Aquaworld Aquarium and rescue Centre for reptiles) - a relatively small but very interesting aquarium near the town of Hersonissos, Crete. This is one of the main attractions of the island and one of only three aquariums in Greece.

The Aquaworld aquarium was founded in 1995 on the initiative of Scotsman John Bruce McLaren and the financial support of philanthropist Kostas Papadakis. The main feature of this aquarium is that it was created as a refuge for the troubled marine life. However, today a significant portion of his Pets are either rescued living beings, either former Pets, from which, for one reason or another were rejected by their owners. The owners of "Aquaworld" managed to create for their "pupils" excellent conditions as close to their natural habitat, but most importantly they were able to surround them with care and boundless love. Today, the Aquaworld Aquarium is home to various species of fish, turtles, pythons, snakes, iguanas, etc.

Visit the Aquaworld Aquarium will delight both adults and children. Here you can not only watch the local inhabitants, but also to feed them, and some even to stroke and hold, and, of course, make several great photographs of this amazing place where a lot of positive emotions you are guaranteed.

The Aquaworld aquarium is open daily from 1 April to 31 October.