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The Aquarium Of Crete

The Crete aquarium, or Sea world, is a public aquarium located near the town of Gournes, 15 km East from Heraklion city. Earlier this area housed a military air base, the U.S. air force.

The aquarium project was conceived by employees of the former Institute of marine biology of Crete as the first large aquarium in Greece. Its construction was funded jointly by the European investment Bank and the Greek state. The main objectives of this project was the creation of a marine Park for research, education, culture and recreation, and the collection, exchange and dissemination of information about the underwater world and its inhabitants. Special attention is paid to educational programs for elementary and Junior schools, which are tailored to the level of the students. Aquarium works under the leadership of the Hellenic centre for marine research, and relies on the expertise, knowledge and innovative technology to scientists for the last 20 years.

Cretaquarium first opened its doors to visitors in December 2005. In 2008-2009, work was done to expand exhibition space. In the aquarium presents elegant exposition of marine fauna throughout the Mediterranean region. More than 60 special containers of various sizes can see more than 250 species of various marine organisms: sharks, seahorses, octopus, clown fish, starfish, jellyfish and many other inhabitants of the underwater depths of a wide variety of colors and shapes. Next to each aquarium hangs a sign with information in 10 languages.

Visiting the Aquarium of Crete, you will take a fascinating walk through the mysterious depths of the Mediterranean sea. The aquarium will be interesting for both children and adults. This place is considered one of the best aquariums in Europe.