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Granville is located on the Gulf coast. The city is the second largest settlement in Grenada, named in honor of founder George Grenville, the British Prime Minister. Since 1796 the city - the capital of the largest administrative districts of the island, Saint Andrew.

The city has about 2,400 people. It is the economic and transportation hub for this part of the island. In the past, the Grenville - Grenada's largest center for processing of spices, in particular nutmeg.

The market town filled with shops with fruits and vegetables, and artisan butcher shops. He works all week, without weekends, but the most popular day for shopping is Saturday, the island is a traditional "market day". In Grenville there is a bus station on the street Sendal, from which the neighboring towns are sent to the bus. On the outskirts of the airport, the pearl, the first air station of Grenada. It is no longer used on the runway are lonely skeletons of abandoned Cuban aircraft.

On the main thoroughfare of Grenville, Victoria street running along the Bay Anglican Church and school. In addition, there are three secondary schools - monastery SV. Joseph, a secondary school of the Anglican Church of Saint Andrew and municipal high school.

Adopted in 1996, the law providing offshore services contributed to the growth of the economy and development of tourism. Guests of Grenville built comfortable villas and hotels with the entire range of tourist services.