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The Island Of Petit Martinique

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Petit Martinique is a small volcanic island in the Grenadines archipelago, the most northerly in the state of Grenada. The island, with an area of 2.4 sq km, has a cone shape with the base of the 1.8 km Island nation of Grenada includes the Islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, forming a graceful curve between the continents of North and South America.

The highest point of the island - hill Python is a long-extinct volcano, rises 230 m above sea level. The Caribbean sea lapping at the shore on the Western side of the island, the Atlantic ocean is on the East coast. Main beach, located on the Western side of the island, consists of two parts. One in private ownership of the energy company and the second owned by the government of Grenada.

The island's population is estimated 900 residents, existing mostly due to smuggling, fishing and boat repair.

Petit Martinique is one of the smallest inhabited Islands in the Caribbean group. This is a perfect place for the perfect quiet holiday. Thrill seekers sidestep this little island. Traditional entertainment, offering guests - yachting and boating, fishing on long spinning and spearfishing. Dishes made from local vegetables and fruits, fresh fish filed under the quiet sounds of Caribbean music in the garden of Eden is a holiday on the island of Petit Martinique.