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Mount Saint Catherine

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Mount Saint Catherine is a stratovolcano and highest point on the Caribbean island of Grenada. It is located in the district San Marco, Victoria. It is the youngest of the five volcanoes that comprise the island. The volcano has a horseshoe-shaped crater open to the East, with several lava domes inside.

To the peak leads the hard way through a damp forest on some places blurred the trails, but the top when the top is not covered with clouds, an amazing panorama.

To get to the mountain SV. Catherine, take a car with a driver from Victoria, because local maps are inaccurate and confusing. As soon as you reach a dirt road and begin Hiking uphill. Follow the path, marked with red and yellow signs on trees. Do not deviate from the route, in the Bush its easy to lose some arrows carved in the trees, you may need a machete to cut through the vegetation. In some places there are hot springs and fumaroles. Take care of your safety, do not stay camp on the summit.

Best time for climbing is April, that's the end of the dry season, but the trail will still be dirty.