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The forest reserve is Grand ETANG

Photos and description

The most popular area in Grenada for Hiking and trekking is undoubtedly the rainforest around the reserve Grand ETANG, high in the mountains in the Central part of the island. A variety of panoramas and landscapes of Grand ETANG contain several different ecological subsystems, culminating in mosses and stlanik up the slopes of the mountains of the reserve.

Flora of the reserve is Grand ETANG includes towering like towers, the trunks of mahogany, a multitude of ferns, tropical flowers and other plants. The lush vegetation provides shelter for many animals and many species of island birds. It is home to wide winged hawk, lesser Antillean swift, Antillean crested Hummingbird (known as the bird doctor), lesser Antillean tanager and other rare representatives of the birds.

Be sure to visit Grand lake ETANG - pond, formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. The height of the Grand ETANG 550 m above the waterline, his depth of approximately 6.10 m, area 350 sq. m. the large pond inhabited by a large number of frogs and lizards, the inhabitants of its shores - opossums, armadillos, mongoose, monkey.

Hiking in the forest is ETANG range from an easy 15-minute walk to large-scale expeditions lasting several hours. The track is decent, the reserve provides excellent guides. You can take a map and a detailed text description of the location and go their own route. The path lies along the azure color of the lake, along the trail past the waterfalls, through the jungle. You can stop fishing near the numerous streams.

Near the information centre and the Park administration has a small cafe and souvenir shops.