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National stadium for playing cricket, formerly known as Royal Park is a specialized facility on river road. The first cricket team in Grenada, appeared in 1887, during a visit to the West India gentlemen from America. The teams played the games in the old Royal Park. Ten years later, during one of the rounds the players were marked by the presence of Lord Hawke, although this match was not significant. In 1899 G. A. de Freitas and William Mignon became the first professional cricketers in Grenada.

Stadium several times restored. One of the most significant restoration work, Queen's Park has been after reconstructed in 2000, the new complex was damaged in September 2004 by hurricane Ivan.

Renovated once again, the former Royal Park was the venue of Cricket world Cup 2007, in 2014 he held a cricket tournament. The stadium is funded by the people's Republic of China.