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Hillsborough is the largest town on the island of Carriacou, commercial and administrative centre with a population of about 1000 people. The main attraction of the city - national Museum of Carriacou, on Paterson street, located in a former cotton mill. The exposure head of the Historical society of the island, it stores Caribbean artifacts, maps, postcards and works by local artists.

The port in Hillsborough is the key economic object on the island, as well as the control center of the ferry service between Grenada, Petit Martinique and other Islands of the archipelago of the Grenadines. Near the town, at a distance of one kilometer, there is an airport. In addition to direct functions, it serves as a transport hub for public and private buses and minibuses, following on Carriacou.

There are no luxurious hotels, but there are also guest houses and villas, the locals are friendly, prices are low, and beautiful beaches are deserted. Every year in Hillsborough is the regatta and carnival. The festival of boats have often on the first weekend of August. Founded in the mid 1960-ies as the rowing competition for workers, he became one of the major Caribbean events, gradually acquiring additional activities such as donkey racing, race, speed eating competition and drink, a beauty contest and an evening show program.

Tourists may be interested in a Botanical garden on a quiet street with beautiful specimens of plants that you can buy. To travel around the city conveniently on foot or by car, and the best views of Hillsborough open during the trip across the Bay by water taxi.