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Sauces - fishing town in the administrative County of St. Patrick and the fourth largest city on the island of Grenada, with a population of about 1300 people. It is located in the far North of Grenada, in the Gulf.

Darkest page in the history of the island, 1651, when the surviving natives of these lands - the Carib Indians committed mass suicide, preferring to jump from the cliff to the obedience of the French.

The town is made up essentially of one main street and similar to other tropical settlements. Its main attraction is the people. Most of the Caribbean people - artisans, many of them are really talented. For a small sum at the local market you can buy finely crafted wood pattern on a modern and colonial-themed crafts out of metal, leather, small statues and figures of fish and animals.

The beaches of the Gulf Sauces just gorgeous and are one of the overlooked gems of the Islands. You can rent from the locals boat and take a pleasant stroll along the coast. Do not worry about navigation - there are no underwater rocks or reefs, the trip is absolutely safe.

The city has an old building is the Catholic St. Patrick's Church, built in 1840, and preserved in its original form.