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The Volcano Diamond Head

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Diamond head is one of the youngest craters left after the eruptions of Ko'olau volcano, located on the island of Oahu. Final attenuation Daymod head has occurred about 150 thousand years ago. The Hawaiian name of this attraction - Le ahi, translated as "brow of the tuna". Diamond head mountain called the mariners, who took a Shine quartz for jewelry.

Inside the crater was laid in the territory of Hawaii Fort Ruger. Called "Reservation diamond head", the fortress was founded in 1906 to protect the harbour and adjacent areas. Was renamed in 1909 in honor of civil war General Thomas H. Ruger.

The Fort housed the battery Harlow with eight mortars of caliber of 12 inches. The convenient location of observation stations and control of fire made the Fort inaccessible to the enemy. Today the remains of the buildings listed on the national register of historic places, but are still used for exercises of the National guard of Hawaii.

Survived quite a bit of the original structures. The most significant of them - the ruins of the stone gate to the fortress, from Waikiki a couple of posts from both sides of the sidewalk and square stone bunker across the street with slits for rifles in the outer wall and a scalloped top. On the side of Kahala, you can see the checkpoint from the large stone with rounded edges, built in the 1930-ies, then according to accepted engineering standards of the fortifications. Between them, on the side Kaimuki, visible decorative construction is the round flower bed with two notched stone arches. Currently, she is on the edge of the car Park, but was at one time a place of installation of two large-caliber guns.

For tourists conducting a tour of the underground tunnel in the crater walls, it housed the command post. The passage connected the two platforms to fire from opposite sides. Now it is popular places for panoramic pictures.

On site diamond head in the 70-ies of the 20th century made films, entertainment shows.