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The Honolulu Zoo

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The history of the zoo began in 1876, when king David Kalakua gave 300 acres of land and a collection of exotic birds in the gift of the Association of Kapiolani Park. In 1877 the Royal Kapiolani Park was officially opened. The Park also hosted the annual horse races for the Day of king Kamehameha.

In order to please the children of the Islands, 1914-1916 Ben Hollinger, administrator of parks, recreation, began collecting animals for exhibit at Kapiolani Park. Especially dear to adults and kids elephant Daisy died tragically in 1916, the Collection was continued six Galapagos turtles (1929) from the Zoological society of new York. By 1935 the number of exotic birds has grown so much that they needed new enclosures. From 1947 to 1952 under the animal sanctuary was allotted 42 acres of land, its design was revised, and it took its present appearance.

In today's Honolulu Zoo consists of 905 different tropical animals. Komodo dragons, orangutans, elephants, primates, birds, reptiles, amphibians and a variety of African animals every day greeted visitors. The main functional areas - the African Savannah, tropical forest and Islands, was designed and commissioned in 1984. The objective of the Honolulu zoo is to teach responsibility for the world of animals through the extraordinary excursions and master classes for guests.

Dragons of the Komodo Islands live at the zoo Honolulu in the most natural conditions, there is a children's zoo has two elephants, one of which was donated, with the assistance of Indira Gandhi. The zoo supports Pacific tropical ecosystems and endangered species of birds and animals. Here you can see unique black rhinos, Manchurian cranes, radiant turtle, Tatarinov and many other types of animals.

The Honolulu zoo has a unique collection of plants. Many could call a zoo a Botanical garden. Some beautiful plants are native to Hawaii, other introduced and acclimatized in the conditions of Polynesia.

Special attention is given to the Centre for animal health, started work in June 2005 with surgery, children's room, swimming pools and intensive therapy. Purpose to assist wild animals, their treatment and study in the wild.

The zoo holds various educational programs and day camps for children from 4 years old, teachers, offers interactive web lessons. Society Honolulu Zoo take a Safari tours, arranges dinners, birthdays, party at the zoo.