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The Waikiki Aquarium

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The Waikiki aquarium has a long history. Outdoor March 19, 1904, it is the second oldest state water Park in the United States. Was created on the money of Transit and Land Company, who wished "to show the world the richness of the reefs of the Hawaiian Islands" and was called the Honolulu Aquarium. Originally numbered 35 pools and 400 marine inhabitants famous for the finest collection of fishes in the world, has played host to such visitors as William Jennings Bryan and Jack London.

The first Director, Frederick A. Potter, developed and improved the school from 1904 to 1940. livelihood institutions were allocated by private sponsors, and the collection of animals was enlarged by the local fishermen. In 1912, carried out research activities on the Reef, sponsored by the Cooke Estate lab. The work of the professionals formed the basis of the laboratory of the University of Hawaii.

From 1949 to 1955 he built a new case with a new water supply system, which is still. Systematic scientific work was not conducted until 1973, all the work was transferred to the State Fund and not return; this activity was started in 1975 and continues to this day.

Today the aquarium is relatively small, is administered by the University of Waikiki. There are living corals, jellyfish, mollusks, cephalopods, and tropical fish. Cute green turtles are particularly fond of children, and the seals and sea live in natural conditions. The inhabitants of the sea are in separate sections, reef sharks and jellyfish can be seen at eye level.

The entrance for children under 12 years free with an adult ticket costs $ 10, children over 12 years - 5. The gift shop always offers.