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Iolani ('Iolani, which means "Hawk of heaven") was once the Royal Palace of the rulers of Kalakaua and Liliuokalani, and is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu. This is the only Royal Palace in the United States, so it is and unique. Since 1978 it functions as a Museum for tourists, and first in over 80 years has served as the official government building of senior management of the Islands.

In 1845, the island's capital was moved to Honolulu. Monarch Kamehameha III bought the closest relatives of the relatively small room, built of limestone in the Greek Revival style in size three times less than today's building. According to the Hawaiian traditions of building, not in the Palace were bedrooms and outbuildings - just a room for receptions, a Royal room with a throne and a dining room. Kamehameha V later called the estate "Iolani" - in honor of his brother.

Kamehameha V found that the small, gnawed by termites, the house does not reflect the greatness of kings and the planned construction of a new residence in the style of the Italian Renaissance. It was built across the street, Isaac Moore. Now there is the state Supreme court. The main entrance to the "Palace of the heavenly king" adorns the monument of the mighty Kamehameha in Golden robes. It is worth noting that he never used the residence as his home, and gave it to the management of government institutions.

Construction of 4-story Iolani Palace Kalakaua cost in 1882 of 360 thousand us dollars. Equipment telephone and electricity made him one of the most comfortable is the Royal Palace of the time, even in comparison with the White house and Buckingham Palace. The ruling dynasty used the building a total of 11 years, monarchy was overthrown in 1893, after which the residence was transferred to the Parliament.

The exposition of the Iolani Palace, in addition to household items, includes preserved the precious crown, library books, furniture, paintings, bedroom Queen Liliuokalani. Park with an area of 4 hectares surrounds the beautiful architectural structure and it complements harmoniously.