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Shangri La center for Islamic arts and culture, representing the visitors, more than 3,500 exhibits. Built in 1937 in Honolulu as the estate of American heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke (1912-1993), the mansion was the result of impressions from her many journeys to North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. The current owner, Foundation for Islamic art Doris Duke (DDFIA), aims to promote the study and understanding of Islamic art and culture.

Shangri La overlooks the Pacific ocean and Diamond Head crater - the only one of the many houses Doris, built from scratch and zapolneniya in the course of construction. Five-acre complex integrates a 1300 square feet house, Playhouse and pool, are interrelated: rooms, courtyards, verandas, terraces, gardens and numerous water attractions.

When developing the project D. Duke traveled extensively in the Middle East and provided the architect decor pictures to be included in the design of Shangri La. She was also attracted to the work of artists from India, Morocco, Iran and Syria to create art and architectural elements, using traditional forms and materials.

In the estate of authentic Muslim art and architectural elements are combined with modernity; a sharp contrast can be a rich Moroccan living room ceiling and the adjacent glass wall that fully retracts into the basement.

For 60 years, Doris Duke amassed a collection of about 2500 art objects, many of which are built into the structure of the house. Ceramic panel from Iranian tiles, carved and painted ceilings from Morocco, Jālis (perforated screen) doors and Windows, architectural decoration, and textiles and carpets create an appropriate atmosphere.

Today Shangri La has a high artistic value as one of the most significant architectural and cultural centers of the Hawaiian archipelago. It give tours to visitors, as well as thematic lectures, performances, symposia.