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Botanical and Zoological Gardens

Photos and description

Zoological and Botanical garden Hong Kong is located on Victoria peak, its Northern slope. The territory is split-level, its top is situated at altitude 100 m above sea level and the lowest point is 62 m above sea level. Landscaping of the Park began in 1860, the first guided tours took visitors back in 1864. The complex covers an area of 5.6 hectares, the official Grand opening of the Botanical garden took place in 1871.

Zoological and Botanical gardens merged and renamed in connection with the increase in the number of inhabitants of the zoo in 1975. Currently, about half of all the land of the complex is given over to the zoo. Just Park is home to 220 bird 70
warm-blooded and 20 amphibians.

The area of the complex is divided into Eastern and Western parts, and the passage between them is via a pedestrian crossing on Albany road. In the Eastern region, known as the Old garden has a children's Playground, bird cages, greenhouses and indoor fountain. Here live the American Flamingo, Hawaiian goose, and red crowned crane. In the Western part, which is called the New garden, located mainly mammals, and primates, including orangutans, Gibbons, Imperial Tamarine, and raccoons, lemurs, some reptiles and turtles.

Besides animals and plants, visitors will also be able to see a Memorial arch and bronze statue of king George VI and a music pavilion.