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Hong Kong Park

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Hong Kong Park was opened in may 1991, it covers an area of 80,000 sqm and is a combination of modern design and comfort, harmoniously complementing the natural landscape.

In the colonial period, from about 1841, this area was called Cantonment hill. In its upper part placed barracks Vic, their construction was 1867-1910 years. The territory they occupied, was transferred to the leadership of the city in 1979. Until 1988 in the landscape-architectural complex was housing the elementary school was Glanely. After the school moved, the whole area was transformed into a real Park.

The arrangement of the Park - enterprise project of the city Council and the Royal Jockey Club of Hong Kong. Thanks to their efforts, the territory has managed to retain a few historic buildings. Among them, the Flagstaff structure, built in 1846, where since 1984 has housed the hotel, and today the building is open House Museum of tea utensils. Survived a number of historic buildings of former Victoria barracks, for example, - the case of Cassels (early 20th century), where he had a barracks for British officers and their wives, since 1992 it houses the Hong Kong visual arts Centre. In the house Rowlinson (also early 20th century) houses the parks Department. These buildings are valuable historical and cultural heritage of the country.

Due to the large number of plants and trees Park Hong Kong is a necessary oasis of calm in the bustling metropolis. It distinguishes itself with its enclosures Edward Yuda is the largest bird Park in Hong Kong. It is most convenient to consider the birds with overhead tracks. In addition, in Hong Kong Park there are greenhouses with permanent and temporary exhibitions of flowering plants. There are also a lot of modern gardens, including garden Plaza and tai Chi garden.

For lovers of active recreation the Park includes a sports court and room to play squash.