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Oceanographic Park

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To explore the Park is by car. It is the largest amusement Park and entertainment in Southeast Asia. The Park offers stunning views of the 234 Islands of the Hong Kong archipelago and on the coast of the island Hong Kong, which resembles the French Cote d'azur. Visiting various attractions of the Park, you can spend the whole day.

The middle Kingdom is the Chinese Disneyland, which presents the 5,000 years of Chinese history. The latest attraction of the Park is the Atoll reef, the largest aquarium in the world. It is a world with exotic fish and coral reef. Shark aquarium is a huge transparent bowl, through which laid 11 metre transparent tunnel op which stroll visitors who wish to see sharks. You can see performances of dolphins, whales and waterfowl. There is also an aviary for butterflies. There are Avenue of dinosaurs, which presents 17 models of these giant lizards. Park tower, a height of 72 m with a magnificent view. In the Park you can ride on a Russian or a roller coaster, a large Ferris wheel and ride the ”flight of the eagle”.

In the children's pavilion, games, performances, rides designed for the little ones. Water world (Water World) is located close to the Oceanographic Park is a water sports center. It has huge water slides and giant swimming pools.