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Bank Of China Building

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The office of Bank of China is located in one of the famous skyscrapers of Hong Kong centre on garden road. Tower performs the functions of the headquarters of Bank of China.

For the period from 1989 to 1992 it was the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia and the first building outside the United States, with a height of more than 305 m. today the tower is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong, after International Commerce centre, International Finance centre and Central Plaza. The construction with two masts reaches 367.4 m high.

72-storey complex is located in close proximity to the Central metro station. The house has two viewing platforms, one located on the 43rd floor is open for everyone, the second is on the 70th floor, it is accessible by appointment only.

Architectural expressionism is the main style of this building makes it look like growing bamboo shoots, which are in China symbols of prosperity and life. The whole structure rests on four steel columns at the corners of the building enclosed by triangular frames. Exterior walls are solid glass, they are not load-bearing elements.

Although the external appearance of the tower makes it one of the most recognizable landmarks of Hong Kong, at the time it was a source of heated debate. The building was harshly criticized by some experts in Feng Shui because of sharp edges and its negative symbolism by intersecting lines in the form of the letter "X" in the design. Also the profile of the building from some angles reminiscent of a hatchet, earning him the nickname "Yi BA Dao" in Chinese literally means "one knife".

Bank of China tower served as the backdrop to several epic sci-Fi films, including the TV series "Star trek" and one of the series "Transformers".