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Golden Bauhinia Square

Photos and description

Golden Bauhinia square is an open area in the area of Wanchai. The landmark was named after the giant statue of the Golden flower - Orchid species "the Bauhinia blakeana".

Sculpture - gilded flower Bauhinia, six metres in height - mounted on the cylindrical base of red granite with a pyramidal base. The monument was created in 1997 in honor of acquiring a China Hong Kong. On the pedestal are carved the shinning nine Chinese characters inscribed by the head of the Central government of China, Jiang Zemin.

In the first, eleventh and twenty-first day of each month, an honor guard of police in dress uniform holds a flag-raising ceremony. The process is accompanied by the performance of the police orchestra, which plays the national anthem, and after the official part - a different kind of music for about ten minutes.

Golden Bauhinia square is one of the most visited domestic and foreign tourists. In the evening the area is a great place to see the popular "Symphony of lights" laser show on the walls of the surrounding skyscrapers. Just below is a 400-meter quay with stunning views of Victoria harbour.