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Former French mission

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The former French mission building has long been used by the French Society of foreign missions as the mission in Hong Kong. Three-story building with basement built of granite and red bricks in neo-classical style.

The first two-storey mansion ("House Johnston"), 1842 buildings were occupied alternately by different owners, including private individuals and trading companies, and even the Russian Consulate. The house was purchased and renovated in the 1870s and 1880s, restructuring, later ordered the French mission, added another floor, changed the trim white stucco facade, oblitsevat wall brick. In the North-West corner located in the chapel and its cupola-the dome dominates the rest of the roof.

The building later underwent several repairs, but many historic architectural features can be seen in it now. For example, the hall on the first floor with ornate columns, wooden staircase and vaulted ceilings and elegant courtyard is one of the best examples of traditional Edwardian architecture in Hong Kong.

After the Second world war, the building was used for some time as a temporary headquarters of the government of Hong Kong. The French mission and the leadership of the country signed a contract for the sale of the building in 1952. Since 1953, it consistently placed the Department of education, County court of Victoria, Supreme court and the Ministry of information services. Since 1997 and till present time the building is occupied by the Hong Kong court of final appeal.